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1. What is Partner Site script? Partner Site script is a complete, fully customizable, money-making web site that is 100% ready to make you money. All you have to do is promote your website! Earn money on a pay-per-click basis by driving qualified customers to merchants.
2. How does it work?
Using the Partner Site script, you can turn your site into a shopping comparison engine using's API. This is easy to set up and you don't need to hire someone to customize it for you.
3. How much does it cost?
The price for the Partner Site script is $250 USD per 1 site (one time fee includes one year email support) + $150 USD per each additional site/mirror.
If you cannot install the script yourself, or have difficulties, we can do full installs of the script for $20 USD.
To purchase this product please refer to our Script BuyNow page.
4. How the Shopzilla Publisher Program Works?
  1. A visitors comes to your website, sees a product they would like to compare prices on.
  2. They click on one of the Shopzilla Publisher Program links (on Shopzilla Publisher Portal report, this represents a 'click'). This takes them to BizRate, Shopzilla sister website, which redirect them to the online merchant site.
  3. The merchant pays Shopzilla for valid, CPC-monetized leads and celebrates the sale of a product from the quality traffic you, the Publisher, sent to their website.
  4. Shopzilla shares the revenue generated from this quality traffic with you, the Publisher. Now YOU celebrate!
Pay attention that all publisher earnings are subject to validation and adjustments.Shopzilla Publisher Portal reported earnings should only be considered as an estimate.Publishers should consult the Shopzilla, Inc. Publisher Program Terms & Conditions for more information.
5. How Shopzilla pays out their affiliate?
Affiliates in Shopzilla's Publisher Program generate earnings on a per-click basis. Revenue generating activity occurs when the users you refer to Shopzilla redirect from product offer listings to the online retailer listing those product offers.

Payments made within the United States are paid via check. Payments made to Publishers outside the U.S. are paid via Paypal. Checks are sent via US Postal Service and are issued from Shopzilla parent company, the E.W. Scripps Company. Payments are issued monthly, within approximately 30 days from the end of the previous month. Payments reflect earnings accrued in the previous month plus any accrued balance carried forward from past months for which payment was not previously issued.


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